Our vegetables are picked and packed for you just before delivery so you get the freshest veg from the fields of Cornwall. Whether you are looking for organic or naturally grown veg, or seasonal vegetables for your family grown in the clean air and soils of Cornwall we can deliver straight to your door.

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Organic Vegetable Delivery – Straight to Your Door

We have a great seasonal selection from hand-pulled carrots and cauliflowers to heritage tomatoes and crunchy lettuces for delivery to your door. We pride ourselves on being a business for good. We make it easy for you to buy local, traceable food, support farmers, have less plastic, make less waste, and is better for you and our planet.

Food waste and industrial farming is a huge problem. It pollutes our rivers and soils and is a major contributor to climate change.  By working directly with over 200 producers we know how and where our food has been produced. Why not put together your own box of vegetables for a fresh taste of Cornwall?

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Shop Our Veg Delivery Boxes

Our Veg Boxes are a great way to get a seasonal selection of fresh veg delivered to your door. They are always great value but when you Subscribe & Save you get an extra 5% off each order. Choose to have your Veg Box delivered weekly, fortnightly, or monthly for easy regular deliveries. Completely flexible subscription – you can change, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. And if there is veg you don’t like, let us know and we will swap it out for you.

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Vegetable Delivery FAQs

Where does your veg come from?
Our veg comes from a network of farmers and growers we work closely with. From traditional farms growing caulis and cabbages to horticultural charities supplying herbs and tomatoes, and organic market gardeners, hand-picking salad leaves we work with producers of all sizes. Over 95% of our veg is produced locally but we do buy some veg & fruit from organic wholesalers from outside the county when they aren’t in season here in Cornwall.

Is all your veg boxes organic?
We sell a range of vegetables and fruits which are registered organic. You can shop all our organic vegetables online. Our Naturally Grown Veg Boxes only contain organically grown veg from registered growers and veg grown to organic principles which are not registered and so cannot be labelled as organic. These growers are often small market gardeners who pride themselves on their ecological sustainability and have no spray policies.

What do you mean by ‘Naturally Grown’?
By Naturally Grown we mean veg which is grown using organic principles of no spray etc but is not registered so cannot use the organic label. 

I can’t find the veg I need...
Our vegetable availability changes with the seasons. We do increase the availability by bringing in organic veg from outside Cornwall but our priorities are firstly Cornish, then the UK, and after that Europe. Our priorities are supplying you with fresh veg from as close to home as possible.

How do I cook….?
Struggling with ideas on recipes for certain veg? Not sure what the best way to cook a turnip is? Check out our recipe blog where you will find many great ideas on making the most of your vegetables.

Which veg box is right for me?
The boxes are designed to provide enough for the week. However, every household is different so our box size recommendations are just a guide! The best thing to do is try out the one recommended for your household size and then adjust to a different box if you need to.

Mini Boxes are designed for 1 to 2 people.

Small Boxes are for 2 adults and 2 younger children.

Medium Boxes are for 4 adults (or 2 adults and 2 teenagers).

Large Boxes are for 5 adults.

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